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"Lucky 7"
Volume: 183г ± 5 г
Composition: Chia crunch, Saled karamel arahis, Coco&Caramel, Chile, Matcha, Nuts&Caramel, Citrus & Coconut bar
Price: 319 грн
Order by phone: +38 (068) 147 37 37

Kit contents:

SALED KARAMEL ARAHIS (26 g): Date, Peanut paste, Carob, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil, Pink Himalayan salt

Coco&Caramel (27 g): Date, Coconut, Cocoa butter, Carob, Coconut oil, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, Cashew nut, Coconut sugar, Vanilla, Pink Himalayan salt

CHILE (24 g): Coconut oil, Carob, Paprika, Dark raisin, Walnut, Fig, Cranberry, Date, Jerusalem artichoke Syrup, Pink Himalayan salt, Chile

MATCHA (21 g): Walnut, Date, Coconut oil, RAW cocoa, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, Vanilla, Pink Himalayan salt, Matcha

CITRUS & COCONUT BAR (22 g): Cashew nut, Dates, Coconut, Citrus, Pink Himalayan salt

Chia crunch (25 g): Soft date, Oat flakes, Sunflower seeds, Fig, Almond, Chia seeds

Nuts&Caramel (35 g): Date, Carob, Cashew, Almond, Coconut oil, Cacao oil, Pink Himalayan salt

Protein 6,7
Fat 31,7
Carbs 38,7
Calories 449
Shelf life 14 суток

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