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A set of sweets Coco ball
Volume: 140 г
Composition: coconut flakes, dried coconut milk, cashew paste, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, almond paste, xylitol, coconut oil, hazelnuts
Price: 300 грн
Order by phone: +38 (068) 147 37 37

Meet the new YARO bestseller! Coco ball - a candy that will surprise even the most avid gourmets, and has already competed with the legendary "Salty Caramel"!

Sweet and airy milk powder, combined with a rich coconut flavor and a large number of nuts inside, give an unforgettable taste pleasure!

It contains no plant fats, flour, refined sugar, preservatives and synthetic additives.

6 candies in a set.

Protein 7,5
Fat 38
Carbs 36,5
Calories 518,2
Shelf life 14 days

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