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Chia Pudding Mango

Yaro 255 255
270 г
Composition: Mango, almond milk, chia seeds, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, vanilla, pink Himalayan salt
Price: 149 грн 149
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  • We use suprefuds in the necessary norms, because such an additive, as chia seeds, can not be taken uncontrollably.
  • The composition was added with mango, and its usefulness is invaluable in the treatment of nervous disorders and the withdrawal from depressive conditions.
  • The use of mango is due to the vitamins of group A, B, D, C and E. contained in it.
  • As a sweetener we use natural Jerusalem artichoke with a low glycemic index (12-15).
Protein 4.6
Fat 8,5
Carbs 22,00
Calories 154
Shelf life 48
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