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Double Avocado Fresh Roll
Volume: 265 г
Composition: Carrots, spinach, avocado, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, guacamole sauce, pita bread from a mix of vegetables and superfoods
Price: 249 грн
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A simple combination of natural products. Only those that maximize your body! Avocados due to the high content of vitamins (especially B and E), vegetable protein and antioxidants contributes to the removal of harmful cholesterol from the blood, fights with age-related changes at the cellular level, normalizes the water-salt balance, improves heart function and memory. And if you add to this the positive properties of fresh vegetables and tofu, which also became part of the fresh roll, you will get an endless list of bonuses. Is it nutritious? Yes! Delicious? Try and see for yourself. No sugar, flour and preservatives!
Protein 3,7
Fat 2
Carbs 14,1
Calories 88,7
Shelf life 48 часов
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