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Almond milk Carob

Yaro 198 198
250 г
Composition: Carob, almonds, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, vanilla, pink Himalayan salt, water.
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At any time, a cup of cocoa will be welcome. Warms in winter. In the summer will give a great mood. In the morning he will cheer up, at lunchtime will give strength for a successful continuation of the day. But for each case you need your own cup of cocoa. As you probably already guessed, the drink is made from 100% natural ingredients of vegetable origin, it does not contain sugar and flavor enhancers. A kerob is an ideal substitute for the usual chocolate. It perfectly satiates the body with useful vitamins and microelements
Protein 0,7
Fat 1,7
Carbs 1,8
Calories 23,4
Shelf life 3 дня
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