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Almond milk Lavender
Volume: 250 г
Composition: Almond, pink Himalayan salt, Jerusalem artichoke syrup, vanilla, lavender, water
Price: 99 грн
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The benefits of almond milk in the first place is that it does not contain sugar and lactose, which in many cases causes allergy and increased cholesterol, which is harmful to health in general. The body is saturated with vegetable protein and regular fats, enriched with vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and zinc. The development of antioxidants and the strengthening of immunity guarantee you good health even in cold and wet weather. Pleasant sweetness and a delicate floral scent of lavender gives a dreamy note to the taste of every throat.
Protein 0,7
Fat 1,6
Carbs 1,7
Calories 22,6
Shelf life 3 дня
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